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She’s a film producer who has created masterpieces of independent cinema.

She herself is

the embodiment of the movies she has produced.

She’s a person of strong opinions who stands

her ground. Behind every word she utters,

there’s a whole new part of her to discover.

Continuing to leave her mark on British cinema with her works,

this outstanding woman is a manifestation of strength,

intelligence, diligence and grace.



Sometimes, lying is the right thing to do.

It’s all about context and how you define it.

As everyone knows, knowledge is

power and that can work in very insidious ways,

but knowledge is a tool to use. Sometimes,

a situation will arise where you control the knowledge you have to

serve that end.

I’m not sure you can make judgements about how people raise their children.

I think women are still primary carers and that

there are too many people out there judging and there are so

many forces that come into play;

economic and social forces.

I just would never like to judge that.

I think my generation is the generation that took a loss.

There’s a lot of environmental and

economic destruction because of my generation

but it’s not necessarily the result of intended

actions. I would hope that what others can advance

is giving women shoulders to stand on and in

return, we give them wider shoulders to stand

on for the next generation of women.

- I don’t think fate exists. I guess I’m just too Scandinavian.

It’s hard to distinguish between luck and hard work.

Was I lucky because I worked hard or did

my hard work pays off because I was lucky in that moment?

Just getting out of bed counts as luck.

I can be far too antagonistic because I grew up with 3 brothers.

I always had that “I can do this,

I can do that, I’m just as good as you” trait.

As I get older, I try to think that it’s fine.

No one is

trying to step on your territory,

you don’t need to assert yourself that way, you don’t need to

create confrontational situations when there isn’t one,

you don’t have to always be ready for a battle.

I’ve gotten myself into really bad situations trying to spite people. I must have been about 23

years old, it was July 4th weekend and we were in New Hampshire, where we would go to a tiny

swimming pool by a waterfall. I went there with my brother and his friend and he screamed

“Don’t jump! The water is too strong!” because it had rained and rained.

I said “Don’t tell me!” and of course I jumped in.

He managed to pull me out by my hair. I mean, when will I ever



Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace. Grace is a little girl who would not wash her face.

When you go, you go. It’s not always easy,

but try to enjoy yourself as you go along.


sets out to make a bad film, nobody you work with set out to be mean,

but try to make the best out of the situation.

What I like best about Armenia is meeting people.

Exchanging contacts, talking to people, meeting others.

I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen in the city and

I hope I get to travel more in the country.

This trip has made me realize how western-centric the world is and how insane it is

coming to a city like Yerevan.




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