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"A person who sees the glass half full.

A light-hearted woman who finds joy in every

situation, but simultaneously, a realist.

A woman who promotes gender, racial and economic

equity in the film and media space.

A film producer who doesn’t slow down. A woman of action,

a woman with a purpose.

A person with an outstanding character that easily lights up a room

simply with her presence."



Creating a fiction might be the same as lying.

Sometimes, creating a fiction is helpful to the

creative process and telling the truth can be entirely destructive to the process.

I think the abilityto lie makes a good producer.

My favorite collaboration is with my producing partner.

We started a company together for

women directors.

We’re also great friends.

The one action or pivot in my life that

I think will have more consequence is up until 2 years

ago I was making films more for myself ;

one at a time, and I decided to take a job that would

sort of give back to the next generation

of different types of filmmakers and storytellers that

didn’t have the chance at all.

It was sort of like giving up some of my own career to help the

careers of 30 people.

It’s a hard no.

I feel like many people I know work very hard and maybe a little luck is

involved, but not fate. Being in the right time and right place.

If I could make one thing illegal, it would be this:

when people go to get on the subway, stop in

front of the turnstile, take out their wallet to use their card.

That’s like if we’re all trying to get

out and I just stood in front of the door.

10 people behind you already have it out. Don’t you

know you’re supposed to do it before?

It’s like George Clooney in Up In The Air. I know, it’s


How would people describe me after I’m gone… immature?

They would say I have a specific

laugh. They would talk about my laugh.

I think people would say I’m a good collaborator. I love

working with other producers and I’m utterly devoted to my directors.

I really fight for them.

I’ll probably be remembered for a minute after I’m gone.

It’s a thing about producers. Maybe

for 5 minutes. With social media around, it reminds you of things.

When you see a friend of

yours died on Facebook and you’re like “What? They were alive?”.

So far, Armenia is making me fatter.

I like the food, that gives a positive twist to what I said. I

went to a reception with local and independent filmmakers.

There’s a great passion, drive and

openness in them and I hope to make friends with them.




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